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King Streetcar Pilot Program

05 February, 2018
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As we’ve seen, Toronto is constantly evolving in any way that provides higher efficiency for operations and greater comfort for residents. Did you know that King Street is the third busiest corridor used in the entire city with over 65,000 riders on your typical work week? This includes pedestrians, TTC travellers, cyclists, taxi’s and the average frustrated driver! King street is also a very important east-west spine for the city as it connects countless neighbourhoods, and houses the largest concentration of employment in the entire country.

With the Financial District nestled comfortably along its narrow streets- though tightly pressed with eager, money hungry graduates, the financial district soars its towers above the Toronto skyline showering our city with opportunities. For this reason, people from all walks of life come to King St. five days a week making their opportunities come to life, however…
This has posed a very obvious challenge for a large group of people in such a condensed area. This conflict has gone unnoticed by the city & have recently announced what could be a pilot project to change the face of King Street transportation for decades!
The City of Toronto and the TTC have collaborated a pilot program to alter the way traffic functions within King Street in order to gain optimal efficiency & public safety. Such restructuring stems from streetcar mobility and have had a ripple effect on laws for pedestrians, cyclists drivers! Improving streetcar service will include: 

All-door loading

  • This is possible with the new low-floor streetcars to allow entrance for a large mass as opposed to a single door entrance causing a large circle of commuters to stand on the street causing a roadblock

Supplemental buses

  • During those 9:00AM, lunch & 5:00PM rush hours, there will be extended services to avoid congestion on street level as well, to better navigate through areas under construction

More transit stops

  • With new supplementary bus operations, new temporary stops will be added to help disperse those waiting at main intersections causes road blocks and intensifying danger for pedestrians

Route supervisors

Another pilot service complimenting supplementary buses will be TTC/city instructed supervisors that will regulate human traffic with the hopes of calming all other forms of traffic

What’s Happening Now?

*Take a look at the new King Street*

The King Street Transit Pilot between Bathurst Street and Jarvis Street has improved transit reliability, speed and capacity since its launch November 12, 2017. With 75% of downtown residents who either walk, cycle or depend on transit for daily travels, it only made sense to disperse traffic along parallel streets. This also paved way for promoting efficient, dependable, eco-friendly alternatives!


Public Spaces

*Take a look at the new public spaces*

With the new pilot program in place, supplementary changes have also come about to better complement the existing transit changes. With much of the traffic diverged to parallel corridors, the city has transformed the street to best accommodate transit commuters. The allocated public spaces (provided through the link above) will be individually referred to as a ‘relief valve’ when overcrowd on the sidewalks exist. Future projections for this pilot program include a push for bicycle parking stations to minimize sidewalk clutter as well as fixed seating stations.

Such changes encompass new and improved, innovative ways of doing the same thing better & faster. The City and Toronto Parking Authority are now offering two types of parking promotions as well as a new and easy way to pay for your Green P!

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