ELAD Canada

Ever since its founding in 1997, ELAD Canada has been developing condominiums of high quality in the center of the country. ELAD Canada happens to be the flexible real estate subsidiary of ELAD Group, a global developer that concentrates on income-generating properties and development projects. ELAD Canada accumulated almost 5.9 million square feet worth of commercial space by the year 2008. By then, they had about 17,000 senior citizen’s units and apartments built. Supported by strong international capital while benefiting from their thorough knowledge and experience of the real estate industry, this company has established a track record of producing multiphase, large-scale projects all across the country. ELAD Canada can be quite a versatile developer with regards to accommodating the needs of customers. The organization’s visionary approach lead to the creation of award-winning projects like Toronto’s Emerald City, a strategically planned community. They are also credited with developing a condominium known as Cite Nature, which is situated beside the Olympic Village pyramids, and have redeveloped Montreal’s Nordelec building. It goes without saying that ELAD is a leader when it comes to innovative developments.