Fortress Real Developments

Fortress Real Developments follows through on what they do with ongoing stewardship and expertise from conceptualization to completion. Whether they are developing a colossal residential tower, low-density property inside of a scenic neighborhood, or even a commercial building for a big box brand, Fortress Real Developments brings quality to every market they’re in.

This company has more than three-quarters of a century worth of combined real estate development experience. Fortress Real Developments acquires valuable land in key locations for the sake of making it inhabitable to communities. They research and monitor market trends in order to seek out valuable opportunities for development. They have built a project portfolio comprised of more than 80 projects, 10,000 units, as well as $1 billion worth of land. Some of their more recognizable projects are Union Waterfront, Capital Pointe, Julien Court, King Square, Peter and Richmond, and Capital Pointe, among others.