Minto Communities

Minto has developed more than 2.5 million square feet worth of commercial space, 85,000 homes, and 8800 rental units. They have been building communities successfully throughout the years by taking bold actions with responsibility and integrity on each project. Minto develops sustainable communities, built to last through generations. A big portion of their communities are in the GTA, in addition to Ottawa and Calgary. One of this real estate developer’s core values is sustainability, and they strive to have homes built that are both water and energy-efficient, which subsequently minimizes the impact on our environment while aiding homeowners in cutting back on utility costs. Minto has contributed to some of America’s southern states, where a number of resort-like communities have been created. In fact, a total of 25,000 properties have been built in this area of the country. When a Minto home is chosen, you’re consciously selecting a trustworthy partner who will help you throughout each step involved in the property-buying process.