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New Year, New Mississauga

02 February, 2018
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A new year brings with it, a new Mississauga! We’re accustomed to hearing promises of growth from our city representatives but this year is a special year for special promises and most importantly- the execution of those promises as 2018 brings in election year!

Mississauga Mayor, Bonnie Crombie directly speaks out on her projections for growth. She states, “2018 is going to be a productive year for the city”- beginning with the 22 kilometre, 22-stop Hurontario Light Rail Transit line (HuLRT) which will then connect to two GO Transit lines. In 2016, the City of Mississauga partnered with Metrolinx to better identify key HuLRT stop locations to optimize use & efficiency for commuters. The hope is to get people out of their cars and move towards an eco-friendlier, efficient urban lifestyle.

Crombie projects that accessibility to dependable transit will expand Mississauga’s potential and not only better connect the city to Toronto, but also allow life to grow within Mississauga itself. This would prove to be a tough task for a city that was designed for cars- but with a current population of roughly 780,000 and rapidly growing, the City has to be proactive in combating future population growth to avoid similar urban sprawl patterns we’re actively witnessing in the downtown core. This $1.4-billion project will be funded by the provincial government with external investments flowing in yearly for commercial and residential construction․

December 2017 also marked the opening of Mississauga’s transit-way extension with 18-kilometres of track running parallel to Highway 403, connecting Meadowvale Corporate Centre with the city’s Airport Corporate Centre.

“We’re having to change the zoning law so that we can allow business, commercial and industrial to survive alongside residential”- Bonnie Crombie states. Where service improvements occur, the emergence of residential construction is a common trend, resulting in the rise of new developments in Mississauga. Real estate developers look for key features identical to the changes underway in Mississauga to invest in residential growth.

With HuLRT line breaking ground this year as well as the expansion of MiWay Transit, we’re seeing a wave of condominium releases and commercial growth! Such growth is highly attainable with Mississauga’s characteristics – airport accessibility, close proximity to the U.S boarder to the west and Toronto to the east, Triple-A credit rating, low business taxes, and an ethnically diverse population all within a safe city!

The goal for the residential construction in Mississauga is to target the middle class who struggle to attain affordable housing with the constant rise in real estate value. Upon re-election, Crombie promises to implement her new plan, “Making Room for the Middle”!

“Our target is that over a third, 35 per cent of all new housing be affordable, whether they be rental or that they be condominium or townhouse developments that are geared to the middle class… So these are our teachers, our nurses, our technicians and our service workers… that really have less than a million to invest in housing”- Crombie.

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