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Lotus Pointe


Caledon, ON


Lotus Pointe

Caledon, ON

Project by: Starlane Homes

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Primary Features

Old School Rd, Caledon, ON L7C 0X8, Canada
Postal Code
Highway 10 & Old School Road
Rural Caledon
Sales status
Building type
Townhouse|Single Family Home
Number of suites

Lotus Pointe is a new townhouse and single family home development by Starlane Homes, currently in preconstruction at Ontario 10, Caledon.

Features & Finishes

Good lighting will be provided to the front porch and inside the front hall. All light fixtures will contain a minimum
of 60 watts equivalent of brightness or greater.
• A 36 inch minimum entry door will be provided for easier access to the home.
• The homes have been designed with an open floor plan with as few halls and corners, whenever possible.
• Changes in interior floor levels and materials will be minimized to prevent tripping. Where changes
in floor height occur, they will be limited to a maximum of 3/4 of an inch.
• The main floor powder room will contain a 36 inch minimum wide access door.
• All door handles in the home will be pull down, lever-style design.
• Electrical outlets will be 18–24 inches from the floor throughout the finished home except around kitchen
and bathroom counters.
• The powder room or master ensuite will have wood reinforcing built into the walls of the bath tub
and one side of toilet for future addition of hand holds.
• Push paddle light switches will be provided approximately 36-40 inches from the floor.
• The thermostat height will be approximately 48 inches from the floor.
• All plumbing faucets will be single lever faucets.
• Good lighting will be provided throughout the finished home and in particular, the kitchen, work areas and bathrooms.
• A canopy or roof will be provided above the front door of the home.
• The master bedroom light switches will be reachable from the bed and placed approximately 36-40 inches from the floor.
• A walk-in shower will be provided in the master bathroom.
• An anti-scalding feature will be built into the hot water system.
• Stove and other major appliances will have face forward controls and be push controlled when provided by the builder.
• The fridge will contain side-by-side doors for the cooler and freezer when provided by the builder.
• The washer and dryer will be front loading when provided by the builder.
• Extra electrical outlets will be provided beside the bed in the master bedroom approximately 18-24 inches in
height from the floor. These outlets will be aligned below the light switches.
• Hand holds in the master ensuite are available at the purchaser’s request and expense and will be priced based on
the number and location(s).
• Showers will have hand-held and lower shower controls at the purchaser’s request and expense.
• Powder room will feature a 17-19 inch toilet seat height.


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