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Regulations on Short-Term Rentals in Toronto Condominiums

12 June, 2019
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Toronto’s regulations on short-term rentals are set to change, affecting companies like Airbnb which allow homeowners to list their units for short-term rent. On December 7,2017, and January 31, 2018, Toronto City Council approved regulations on short-term rentals. These regulations restricted short-term rentals to primary residences which define “short-term” as less than 28 days, and requires registration with the City of Toronto which includes a fee of $50.Fines for breaking the by-law could be as high as $100,000, reflecting the City’s goal of ameliorating the rental supply market. Airbnb hosts are appealing these regulations to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) in which the hearing is scheduled for August 26, 2019. In the meantime, regulations on short-term rentals are not in effect and the future of rental companies such as Airbnb is unclear. The City’s regulations for short-term rentals will come into force after the appeal and could take up to several months after the appeal. For now, companies like Airbnb are free to continue operating with no restrictions from the City of Toronto, and many condominium buildings continue to allow short-term rentals. The rules and restrictions differ depending on the condo boards, see below for a list of condominium buildings that allow short-term rentals in Toronto.

300 Front St W Condos

Located in Toronto’s downtown Entertainment District, 300 Front St W Condos allows short-term rentals such as Airbnb.

Ice Condos I and II (12-14 York St)

Ice I & II Condos at York Center allows short-term rentals but there are a couple of conditions that homeowners have to follow. There needs to be proper registration, commercial liability insurance as long as the corporation is listed as the insurer, and each guest needs to register with photo ID, a registration number and name. If it’s a tenanted suite, then written authorization from the owner is required.

Qwest Condos (168 Simcoe)

Qwest Condos at the northwest corner of Simcoe Street allows short-term rentals. The conditions and restrictions depend on the current City of Toronto by-laws.

The Residences of Maple Leaf Square (55-56 Bremner)

The Residences of Maple Leaf Square at York St. and Bremner Blvd. allows short-term rentals.

Charlie Condos (8 Charlotte Street)

Charlie Condos, located just north of King St West allows short-term rentals for owners if they sign and register with the property management office. However, this is set to change within the next few months.

Local at Fort York Condos (50 Bruyeres Mews)

Local at Fort York Condos, located just south of Fort York Boulevard in Toronto has no restrictions on short-term rentals. Owners are free to rent out their units to guests with no restrictions so far.

Aquarius at Waterpark City Condos (219 Fort York Blvd)

Aquarius at Waterpark City Condos, located on Fort York Boulevard at Angelique Street allows short-term rentals. So far, there are no rules or conditions against it.

The Verve Condos (120 Homewood Ave)

The Verve Condos, located in The Verve Tower at Wellesley and Jarvis allows short-term rentals with no restrictions. Having said that, they do require registration of the guests in their system in advance so that they can expect them when they get there. The Verve Condos requires a form to be filled out and signed by the guests because they will be the equivalent of a resident during their stay. Guests can use the amenities, but their photograph is required when they arrive (specifically for the pool). It is asked that guests are respectful of the space, and if they are not, they will be issued a warning from security first before they law enforcement is called. The Verve Condos expects guests to abide by the building rules during their stay, whether they are here for a few days or longer.

Harbour View Estates II Condos (35 Mariner Terr in CityPlace)

Harbour View Estates II Condos, at the south end of CityPlace, has some rules in place regarding short-term rentals. Owners are allowed to advertise on Airbnb, but the minimum lease term is 30 days. If you’re looking to stay for more than 30 days, you will be registered as a resident and will have full access to building amenities.

Quartz | Spectra Condos (75-85 Queens Wharf in CityPlace)

Quartz | Spectra Condos, located just west of Canoe Landing Park, allows short-term rentals. However, some restrictions have been put into place while the board is in the process of passing a rule. Management will not get involved when it comes to keys, lockboxes are not allowed for Airbnb guests, the guests are not allowed to use the amenities, and cannot wait at the front lobby. This is set to change in the future while the board decides on a rule.

Studio on Richmond Condos (199 Richmond St W)

Studio on Richmond Condos, located just south of Richmond St W, allows short-term rentals. There are rules and restrictions in place, which owners will be made well aware of before allowing guests to stay over.

As always, it is best to personally contact your property management and/or condominium board for further clarification on short-term rentals.

*This information on Toronto condos that allow short-term rentals was last updated on May 30, 2019. It may not reflect current condominium board rules for these buildings and is not representative of property management. We are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or representations on this article.

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