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Top 10 Reasons to Live in Leaside

13 December, 2022
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Leaside is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Toronto, Ontario. It is located northeast of Downtown Toronto. The area takes its name from William Lea and the Lea family, who settled there in the early years of the nineteenth century.  It was incorporated as a town in 1913, and in 1967, Leaside was amalgamated with the township of East York to form the borough of East York. As such, Leaside became a neighbourhood within East York and merged with five other municipalities and a regional government in 1998 to form the new City of Toronto. 

Leaside continues to be one of Toronto’s most sought-after neighbourhoods year after year. Its appeal lies in its perfect balance between having the charm of a small town and the cherished comforts of a major city. The Upper East Village exudes the sense of a true neighbourhood, with stunning vistas that blend activity and calmness, charm and character. In this location, you may simultaneously enjoy the comforts of home and the energy of the city. Welcome home.

With upper-middle-class families who see Leaside as the ideal place to reside, this neighbourhood is in particularly high demand. And here are some reasons why! 

1. It’s One of Toronto’s Most Affluent Neighbourhoods

Leaside is one of Toronto’s poshest neighbourhoods and has become a dining destination for residents of midtown Toronto and beyond. Once here, visitors are at the whim of a bustling stretch of Bayview bursting with antiques and speciality shops. As a family-centric community, there are organized activities and lessons for all ages.

2. It Offers Great Amenities 

The amenities of Leaside, which is part of Toronto’s Upper East Side, include a vast network of connected parks, beautiful pathways, big-box stores, speciality stores along the promenade, and simple access to the TTC and Eglinton Crosstown LRT. The best of Toronto is nearby Upper East Village, including stunning nature trails, acclaimed restaurants, and simply a fantastic cup of coffee.

Leaside is a shopping lover’s dream. Toronto’s best shopping district Sunnybrook Plaza, located on the northeast corner of Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East, became one of the first shopping centres in Toronto.

3. It Offers a Great Selection of Schools 

Leaside offers a fine selection of schools for its students. Northlea Elementary and Middle School. Northlea is a dual-track school offering regular English and French programs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Bessborough Elementary and Middle School presently have students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Rolph Road Elementary School is an elementary school for junior kindergarten to grade 6. Leaside High School began on the top floor of Rolph Road School. Along with the growing population, Leaside also supported one of North Toronto’s first preschools. Sunnybrook School and Bloorview School Authority is an educational facility physically which offers various educational programs for children, some of whom are patients in the hospital.

4. It Has Wonderful Parks and Greenspace 

Leaside has abundant greenspace, parkland, and is an ideal place to raise children. Serena Gundy Park. The park is used for picnicking and hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. Trace Manes Park is located in south Leaside. The park is home to the Leaside Tennis club and sports six tennis courts. Other facilities in the park include a playground, a baseball diamond and an outdoor ice rink in winter. Howard Talbot park in southwest Leaside features two baseball diamonds. Additionally, it features a “splash pad”, a water playground for young children.

5. Leaside Memorial Community

Leaside has a history that is as rich and diverse as its present-day residents. This neighbourhood has been home to many notable Canadians and is also known for its magnificent architecture. There are many historic homes in the area, which are now used as offices and businesses. The most famous house in Leaside is James Lea’s. It is unique in that the back of the house faces Sutherland Drive. It was originally built to face a street that no longer exists.

The largest recreation centre in Leaside is Leaside Memorial Community Gardens which includes an indoor swimming pool, two ice rinks, a curling rink and a large auditorium. 

6. It Offers Great Access to Various Hospitals 

Sunnybrook hospital evolved from its origin as Canada’s largest veterans hospital into an internationally recognized health sciences centre, fully affiliated with the University of Toronto as a teaching hospital.

7. Iroquois Plain

Leaside lies on the Iroquois Plain. The actions of the glacial Lake Iroquois made the Leaside area into a flat plateau, surrounded on three sides by deep river valleys.

8. It’s Ideal For Retirement Living 

The Leaside residence offers a comfortable and stimulating setting for retirement living, inside and out. Leaside retirement community offers a full continuum of care including assisted living and memory care.

9. It’s Full Of Culture 

Whether you’re into theatre, the arts or music (or all three!), you’ll find plenty to love in Leaside.

The arts scene in Leaside is thriving. We are home to two local theatres: the Tarragon Theatre and the Carlu Theatre. The Beal Arts Centre is also located in our neighbourhood, offering classes for adults and children of all ages.

If you’re interested in music, there are plenty of options for you here as well. 

Finally, if theatre isn’t your thing then perhaps art galleries would be more up your alley. Yes? Well, then good news—there are many galleries within walking distance from our homes!

10. It Offers a Lot of Luxury Condo Buildings

If you are looking for a magnificent place to stay in Leaside, look no further than the newest premium condo building in Leaside by Camrost Felcorp & DiamondCorp, located at 33 Frederick Todd Way in Toronto.

Additionally, it provides a number of significant conveniences that will undoubtedly enhance your quality of life.

  • Circuit training and cardio equipment in a contemporary fitness auditorium with amenities and a coordinator station
  • Functional Multipurpose Children’s Game Room
  • Tranquil Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Whirlpool Spa
  • Soothing Outdoor Lounge and Garden with Fire Pits
  • A private party room and catering kitchen with access to an outdoor patio are both included.
  • In the lobby, there is a dedicated pet entrance and a pet wash. On the ninth story, there is a seating area and a rooftop garden with gas barbecues.
  • Visitor Parking

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