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Toronto Storeys Awards Nerses Sraidarian Realtor of the Year

29 December, 2018
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Toronto Storeys, the ultimate source for the most up to date real estate news, honours Nerses Sraidarian with their 2018 Realtor of the Year Award. Nerses Sraidarian is the Broker of Record and Owner of Big City Realty, which he founded himself in early 2012. Big City Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage located in Markham that provides services in buying, selling, leasing residential resale and pre-construction, and commercial properties.

The article published by Toronto Storeys follows Nerses Sraidarian’s journey in reaching this level of success. Growing up as an Armenian in Syria, his father’s diligence and hard-working nature set an early example for Nerses which he eventually followed upon his immigration to Canada. At the age of 18, Nerses and his family settled down in Canada, where he bought his first home with his family only a year later.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at Seneca College, Nerses began his journey as a part-time real estate agent, where his dedication and commitment was highly recognized and eventually encouraged him to take the next step in furthering his career. That’s when he decided to open Big City Realty, presently consisting of a close family of loyal and hard-working employees who outperform in sales despite the small team. This boutique brokerage excels in maintaining trusting relationships with clients by going above and beyond by extensively researching the properties before presenting them to the client. The knowledge that Nerses Sraidarian carries and the tightly knit team that he has assembled at Big City Realty sets it apart from other brokerages. Nerses Sraidarian has indeed made a mark in the real estate industry and merits this award for all the perseverance and devotion that he has put into his business.

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