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Vintage Luxury Residences

25 November, 2020
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Vintage Luxury Townhomes is a new townhouse development by Schuit Homes currently under construction at 107 Main Street East, Grimsby. The development is scheduled for completion in 2020. Sales for available units range in price from $798,000 to over $798,000. Vintage Luxury Townhomes has a total of 19 units. Sizes start at 1958 square feet.

Vintage Luxury Residences has a total of 18 units.

Features & Finishes

– To create warm and inviting environments that both compliment our structural design and reflect the personality and lifestyle of our valued homeowners. We believe that beautiful, functional interiors combine aesthetics, intuitive layout and a deep understanding of our clients.
– Strive to design spaces that capture the imagination through a thoughtful balance of fabric, texture and color a “fusing” of architectural context, cultural influence, and the client’s own style and color sensibilities.

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