Menkes Developments Ltd.

Murray Menkes founded this company 65 years ago. At the time, his original goal was to develop single-family residences without compromising quality. He built his development company into a completely integrated organization involved with all aspects of growth, including residential and commercial/industrial property management, ownership, and construction. With an astute mind, a sharp entrepreneurship sense, and a transparent vision, Murray evolved his company from home building to community creation. Through its maturity over the years, Menkes Developments expanded into the market of condominiums, becoming familiar with the city’s flourishing housing system. Their pre-construction endeavors began in 1976, and ever since, Menkes has remained one of the most reputable developers in Toronto. The company is cited as a pioneer of modern condominium growth. Today, Menkes Developments remains a family-operated business, and specializes in building luxury family houses, elegant condominiums, and sought-after industrial/commercial spaces, all of which are in prime areas. Their success has been recognized with international and national awards throughout the decades.